26 June 2009

The military two-step

Those of you who will be watching the Lions on Saturday afternoon may wish to observe closely Mr Mike Phillips, the Welsh scrum-half.

Phlllips is in many ways an admirable scrum-half but he has a wee problem. When he receives the ball at the back of a scrum or ruck (or even at a line-out), he feels obliged to adjust both his feet before he delivers the ball in a pass to his outside-half. He receives the ball, one step, two step, then pass. It does not take him long - less than a second - but it is just long enough to allow the Springbok defence to close in on the Lions backs.

Compare the Springbok scrum-half. Once the ball is in his hands, it is immediately despatched.

I am surprised that Phillips has not had it hammered out of him when he was a teenager. But as long as the Lions propose to rely on a scrum-half with such an obvious deficiency, I fear that success in South Africa will be elusive.


Anonymous said...

You're right about Phillips but his pass is still faster and longer than that of Blair who is the obvious replacement

Cruachan said...

What a great performance from the Lions today. O'Gara is a great player and it would be too easy to put the blame at his door, but what the *@!#
was he thinking? I think he was probably concussed, but still...