16 May 2010

Arizona's shame

I fell in love with the state in 1980 and subsequently visited several times. The relaxed atmosphere, the desert, the dry heat, the mountain forests, the terrific breakfasts, the free cocktails on the hotel terrace before dinner, the micropubs, the sports bars, the long straight roads: what was not to like? I would base myself in the university town of Tempe or nearby Scottsdale, full of impossibly beautiful young women (and young men).

And now they are introducing a version of the sus law. Well, I must now pack away my sun-devils polo shirt and my Scottsdale t-shirt - they will not be worn in the foreseeable future.


Anonymous said...

But as long as yu remembered to take yur driving licence you would be OK

Dave said...

I didn't need that reminder! Besides, it enabled me to discover Arizona buses.