10 May 2010

Political whoring

So little Nicky is prepared to get into bed with either Gordon or Dave, depending upon which of the latter is prepared to offer the more alluring blandishments. Not an attractive picture, is it?

And, regardless of how attractive the harlot may be when men have the urge, it is their misfortune to be reviled once that urge has been slaked. So little Nicky better watch himself.

Furthermore, while it is probably inevitable that, from time to time, a lady of the night may find herself propositioned by more than one suitor, undue delay or prevarication in making a decision is unlikely to be greeted with enthusiasm.

I don't remember all this nonsense when Holyrood had to establish a coalition. But the palace of varieties at Westminster increasingly resembles a brothel - and a somewhat low-rent brothel at that.

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