07 May 2010

Clinging to the wreckage

Latest projections from the BBC (here):
The BBC projection suggests David Cameron's Conservatives will have 306 seats. If there are 10 Unionists elected in Northern Ireland then Mr Cameron might be able to command 316 - probably still slightly too few for him to be sure of winning a Queen's Speech.
But Labour and the Lib Dems together would have 317 seats, according to the BBC figures, which even with three SDLP MPs would still leave them at 320 - again probably just a few votes short.

If I were Gordon, I'd be inclined to pack it in and tell her maj to call on Cameron. Because, even with Clegg's LibDems, Gordon does not have sufficient troops to rule the roost. Let Cameron take the opprobrium for the savage cuts and turf him out once he has shown his hand. But Gordon will no doubt be desperate to retain his place in No 10.

Either way, another general election is on the cards sooner rather than later. And won't that be something to look forward to?

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