26 May 2010

Keeping red boxes safe

Perhaps it's my twisted mind but I rather enjoyed this story in The Guardian:
Now ministers are being told they must travel to their constituencies by second class public transport, but for security reasons their red boxes must travel to the constituency separately in a private car. So when one minister, who cannot be named but whose identity is known to the Guardian, asked his private office in the past 24 hours if he could accompany his red box in the car to do some work, he was told this was not allowed under the latest rules on ministerial travel. As a result, he will be travelling several hundred miles by train to his constituency, where he will greet his red box.

Thus certain types of papers (for that is all a red box contains, apart from an occasional sandwich) require a greater degree of security than the poor human beings who have to read them and presumably absorb their contents. So Al-Qaeda is welcome to capture and torture the ministers but God forbid that they get their hands on the papers.

Strange how priorities evolve, isn't it?

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