26 May 2010

Caja not so Sur

Further to my post on Monday about the travails of my bank, I decided that I had better check out the position. So yesterday morning I visited my branch of CajaSur.

Still standing; doors still open; Carmen, the attractive young lady behind the counter, handed over my euros in the usual way.

I confess that I was not aware that it was run by the Catholic Church. (It's not as though the manager dressed as a nun, with bowls of holy water at the door.) As an atheist, especially a protestant atheist, I would prefer my euros to avoid falling into the clutches of those with an overt religious persuasion. Not that it matters now; the previous bank directors have been replaced by nominees from Spain's central bank (although they're probably also Catholic).

Oh well, this minor spasm of excitement appears to be over (at least for me, though the rest of the world seems to be taking it seriously). For which, much thanks; I can't cope with excessive excitement. Had to go to the pub yesterday lunchtime to restore my equilibrium.

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