06 May 2010

Choices, choices ...

Will I stay up for it? Yes, of course I will.

But I don't much fancy Dimblebore on BBC TV nor his chum Jeremy Vine on the latest version of the swingometer. And ITV? Well, it's ITV, isn't it; they don't really have the pennies to put on a decent show.

The radio, then? Radio 4 has Jim Naughtie and that woman Carolyn Quinn (awful, awful, awful) which kinda rules them out. While the World Service has pompous old Robin Lustig. And of Radio 5, the least said the better.

So I guess I'll be channel-hopping as usual.

1 comment:

Adopteddomain said...

Leith FM are running an election night special, starting with a guest appearance of the elusive independent chap who stood in North & Leith on a 'anti-ursury' platform.