15 July 2010

In praise of Eurosport

I am far from being a cycling fan but I have enjoyed Eurosport's coverage of the Tour de France. The principal commentators are Sean Kelly and David Harmon. As one might expect, Kelly is clearly immensely knowledgeable about the sport and, once one gets used to the "y'know"s and the "erms", contributes vastly by explaining what the riders are up to. Harmon, cheerfully ignorant of French pronunciation, and equally cheerful about some of his widely errant suppositions, jollies the show along with an indefatigable pleasure in the race. It can't be easy commentating for four or five hours per day for three weeks on the trot, but if you have the time to spare and have even a vague interest in bikes, these are the guys to keep you company.

Much better than ITV4 who seldom show more than a couple of hours per day.

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