08 July 2010

Online shopping

So I can now order my groceries at Amazon? The Independent reports:
Amazon's launch into the online groceries market – a sector where Tesco's share currently beats that of all its competitors combined – will be fascinating to watch. This is a company with the resources and the imagination to give Britain's biggest grocer a run for its money.
I don't think so. Check it out for yourself. The cheapest brand of sliced bread available from Amazon is a 100g loaf of Livwell White at £2.79, while the cheapest beer is a 500ml bottle of Breconshire Brewery Cribyn at £2.55. The only brand of corn flakes is Barkat (no, I'd never heard of them either) and, as for baked beans, well there are none.

Much as I admire Amazon in the book and DVD department (and the t-shirts are also good value), when it comes to food I'll stick to Tesco and Sainsbury's, ta much.

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