09 July 2010

Kicking the economy when it's down

Even The New York Times disapproves of Slasher Osborne's budget:

... the coalition has asked most government departments to slash spending by 25 percent to 40 percent over the next four years. Health spending will be spared, but capital spending on badly needed new hospitals and schools will not. More than half a million public-sector jobs are expected to be axed, including tens of thousands of police officers. The less well off, who depend on functioning public services, will suffer most.

No reputable economic theory justifies this bleeding. In fact, most mainstream economists have argued for delaying the most severe cuts until a more robust economic recovery has begun.

The coalition budget reflects Conservative Party ideology, which asserts that as the government withdraws money from the economy, private businesses and consumers will step in to replace it. That won’t happen if Britons see only hard times ahead.

Is this really what the libdems want?

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Anonymous said...

Judging by their faces on the Front Bench during the Budget speech the LibDems do indeed seem happy with the cuts that are being made