27 July 2010

In praise of subtitles

One of the reasons why I no longer frequent my local cinemas is that I find it difficult to follow the dialogue. Young people speak so quickly these days, particularly (but not exclusively) in the movies. Nevertheless, I do love a good flick - and it is therefore a welcome aid to comprehension that the vast majority of DVDs provide subtitles. You may suggest that in my dotage I am increasingly corned beef and I would not dissent unduly.

I have just finished watching The Road which, at least for me, would have been mystifying had it not been for the subtitles. Beautifully filmed, well acted and properly respectful of the novel. But, jeez, what a depressing film.

The DVD highlight of the summer has been Up in the Air, the best movie I have seen in years. Clooney should give up the coffee ads and concentrate on proper films.

Honorable mention for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, provided you can tolerate the fact that it is in Swedish (with English subtitles)*. I enjoyed it enormously.

*You can watch it dubbed into English but this seems to me the worst of all possible options.

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