16 July 2010

Transfer of the summer

Following his success at the World Cup, Paul is tempted in the direction of Madrid. The Guardian reports:

In what may prove to be the biggest transfer story this summer, negotiations have begun to bring Paul the psychic octopus to Madrid after he correctly predicted Spain's World Cup final victory.

Madrid's Zoo Aquarium says it is prepared to trump any other offer Germany's Oberhausen Sea Life Centre receives for Paul, certain that the world's most famous cephalopod will attract thousands of visitors.

Paul's agent said that, ever since he had been a little octopus, he had always wanted to be in a Spanish zoo. It wasn't the money, but the honour and the glory. Paul's WAG wondered about the quality of shopping in Madrid.

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Anonymous said...

"Paul's WAG wondered about the quality of shopping in Madrid."

---------------and the seafood paella?