19 August 2010

The greed of public sector fatcats - again

Hard to defend, not least for sneaking out the news in mid-August. The Herald reports:
Fury erupted last night over six-figure salary and pension benefits to senior executives at a Scottish Government agency.

Enterprise Minister Jim Mather was called on to explain why Scottish Enterprise gave its chief executive Lena Wilson a £234,000 pension-pot top-up, and her predecessor Jack Perry a £115,000 pay-off following his resignation last year.

And the Scottish Government does not make much of a fist in defending it:
A Scottish Government spokesman said it was keeping a tight rein on public-sector pay. He added that it had frozen top earners’ pay and asked quango chiefs to waive their bonuses.
Cue hollow laughter.

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Anonymous said...

I've always been a supporter of economic development bodies in Scotland. However SE is beginning to look like an expensive luxury. The high salaries are the least of the problems. The bigger question is whether it is bringing significant benefits to the Scottish economy. Of course it will provide a raft of statistics to show that it is but are they really compelling evidence? Labour in opposition needs to think imaginatively