08 August 2010

Hung out to dry?

No doubt rather sensible of Mr Cameron. The BBC reports:

UK Department of Health calls to scrap free nursery milk in Scotland have been ditched by Downing Street.

Westminster has powers to end free milk, yet the cost of the scheme in Scotland is met by Holyrood.

In a letter to the Scottish government, UK Public Health Minister Anne Milton said the scheme was costly and there was no evidence of health benefits.

But Downing Street scrapped the move after it emerged Prime Minister David Cameron was not aware of the proposals.

But where does that leave Ms Milton?


Anonymous said...

A bit surprising that the power here is still reserved. Also Ms Milton's letter is scarcely well- argued or constructed - a decline in civil service standards I feel. Finally, why are the LibDems who used to bang on about social justice are in favour of this?

Richard T said...

I hadn't realised Julian Clary had got elected. Good on him.

Anonymous said...

In charge of the Blood Bank, I think.