16 August 2010


Is BBC3 obsessed with under-age girls? Here is an extract from last night's TV schedule:
  1. 23:15–00:15
    How an ordinary schoolgirl from the Isle of Man became a teen icon in Japan. (R)
  1. 00:15–01:15
    4/6. The contestants face their fourth work placement as teachers in a posh secondary school. (R)
  2. 01:15–01:45
    4/6. New mum Michela is struggling to cope with her new workload and the loss of her freedom. (R)
  3. 01:45–02:15
    3/6. Model Lucie Brassington makes her debut at running her own pageant, Miss Mini Photogenic. (R)
To say the least, weird.

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