09 July 2011

Deep in the doo-doo

"He’s a real nowhere man
Living in his nowhere land
Making all his nowhere plans
For nobody"
David Cameron. No more glad morning. Not any more.

Forced by political expediency to get rid of his chum, Coulson. And worse, to assign him the black spot. Now worrying about what Coulson will tell the police or worse the media; what has Coulson to lose, after all?

Forced to deny his dining companion, Rebekah. Fun while it lasted, but she’ll never forgive him his betrayal.

Who can he turn to? His cabinet? He’s hung too many out on the line to expect loyalty. Clarke, Hague, Hunt, Fox, Lansley - they don’t owe him anything. Osborne? His eyes are on the succession.

His media pals? Even The Telegraph and The Daily Mail are putting the boot in. And he can no longer expect favours from Murdoch.

He meant to do well. He tried, oh so hard, to be the leader people could respect, even admire.

They say that all political careers end in failure. Cameron is no exception …

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