17 July 2011

It's a tough job, being a top copper

To describe it as a £12,000 freebie, while apparently accurate, is a bit over the top. OK, so the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and his wife accepted (as you do) the gift of a 20 night stay at a luxury health resort; that doesn't mean he was corrupt.

And just because the Commissioner's chum, the Wolfman, was also associated with the administration of the resort should not be taken as an indication of anything untoward, even if the latter has now been arrested in connection with the hacking investigation.

It is possible that the Commissioner has perhaps been slightly careless in his choice of dining and drinking companions, but hey it's a high pressure job being the UK's top rozzer and he should be permitted to relax from time to time in company of his own choosing.

I am utterly confident (well almost) that Sir Paul will be able to explain things to everyone's satisfaction and that he will be able to continue running the Met as effectively and efficiently as he has heretofore.

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