07 July 2011

The tangled web unspun

So ta ta to the News of the Screws. I can't say that the toxic mixture of prurience and dubious morality ever appealed to me.

Some have suggested that this comic simply died of shame. Seems improbable: a sense of shame implies having a conscience, not a feeling with which the NotW is usually associated.

Others have suggested that News International hoped to clear the way for the Murdochs' takeover of BSkyB. If so, it has failed, at least for now - the Government is using the excuse of the multitude of representations to defer the decision until autumn.

Or perhaps the NotW has been sacrificed in order to protect the flame-haired Rebekah, whose continued presence helpfully prevents the searchlight being focused upon the Murdoch family.

Of course, it may simply be a ploy, whereby the NotW will be replaced by the Sun-on-Sunday and everything will settle back to normal.

Maybe a combination of all of these? Watch this space. The story has legs ...

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