01 July 2011

Quote of the day

From The Guardian (here):

Cameron: I despair of this country, sometimes, I really do. People seem to have this misconception that we're trying to divide the country. It seems self-evidently fair that if hardworking mums and dads in the private sector have had their pensions buggered by financial mismanagement, then it's only right to screw the public sector pensions even if they are affordable.

Osborne: Not ours, I hope, Cams.

Cameron: Good Lord, no, Ozzy. We can't go around U-turning on everything . . .


Clegg: We've got to stop all this confrontation. I need to explain to the public sector why it's in their interest to die poor. People trust me, so they will listen. I promise.

Cameron: Did the Cleggster speak?

Osborne: I don't think so.

Milidee: We in the Labour party also want to make it clear that we really hate striking trade unionists and anyone who doesn't read the Daily Mail.

Wen Jiabao: You British politicians all look the same to me.

Britain: They do to us, too.

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