03 July 2011

Music of the week

Havana, many years ago. I checked into the Ambos Mundos Hotel (yeah, yeah, Hemingway and all that). Dumped my gear in the room and went down to the bar on the ground floor and ordered a mojito. About 7 pm, early for Cuban nightlife. Relaxed for the first time that day and admired the classy decor of the bar and the high windows. A slim, elegant, Cuban beauty - dark hair, dark eyes, honey-coloured skin - was playing the piano, a mixture of jazz and modern classics. I motioned the bartender to provide the lady with a drink, inevitably a mojito. She offered me a shy smile, a smile I will remember until I die.

She was not playing this kind of music, but it nevertheless brings back the memories of Cuba. They say you can never recapture the good times and Cuba will change, and not necessarily for the better. But I will always be grateful for the privilege of visiting a wonderful country which if far from perfect had much to admire, not least the Cuban people.

(Jeez, what a poseur ! - Ed)

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