21 July 2011

The non-denial denial

Clever but sneaky.

Did Cameron discuss the News International bid to acquire BSkyB with News International bosses? Cameron answered that he had never had any “inappropriate conversation” with News International people. This of course leaves open the possibility that he might have had appropriate conversations. And the definition of “inappropriate conversation”? Well, that would have been a conversation which might have influenced the government’s decision on the bid. And as Cameron had ruled himself out of the government’s consideration of the bid, any conversation he did have could be deemed “appropriate”.

Another example. An MP claims that senior figures at Buckingham Palace warned Cameron about the appointment of Coulson. Buck House responds that “On no occasion did any officials from Buckingham Palace raise concerns to Downing Street”. This leaves open the possibility that the warning came from one of the royals themselves (or indeed that the warning came from royal officials based in one of the other royal households).

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