17 June 2012

Breakfast at No 10

From The Telegraph (here):

“We shall not stand powerless against the storm,” declaimed Dave, gesturing heroically. “We have a plan. Better than that, we have a strategy. We are ready to do everything that is needed to come through this emergency unscathed.”
“That’s great, darling,” said Sam, over the breakfast table. “So what exactly is this plan of yours?”
“Mostly, to hide my head in the sand, and hope it goes away. And to offer some heartfelt apologies, plus a limited form of statutory regulation.”
“Statutory regulation?” said Sam. “How’s that going to solve the euro crisis?”
“I’m not talking about the euro crisis,” said Dave. “I’m leaving that to George. No, I’m talking about Leveson. I think it’s time to tackle this head-on. Get ahead of the story. Make my case to the British people. Give it a bit of the old 'Yes We Cam’…”
Sam winced. “Must you use that phrase, dear? It’s a little bit… Chipping Norton.”


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