01 June 2012

Quote of the day

It gets worse.  From The Telegraph (here):

Interesting, isn’t it, this insistence by Jeremy Hunt that he was able to “put to one side” his support of News Corp when he was deciding whether News Corp should be allowed to take over BSkyB. Imagine if a football referee made a similar claim.
“Yes, I freely admit that I support Manchester United. However, I’m happy to assure you that I put that support to one side when I refereed United’s recent 17-0 defeat of Liverpool.
“I’m aware that some Liverpool fans have in particular called into question the 12th of the penalty kicks I awarded to United, but in fact I judged it with scrupulous fairness. The same goes for all six of Liverpool’s red cards.
“None the less, I appreciate that a perception of bias has been created. As a result, one of the ball boys has honourably agreed to resign.”
Following the initial assessment that Hunt had survived the interrogation, the skies appear to be blackening ...

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Jimmy Hill said...

Don't want to be pedantic but I think if one side has three or more players sent off then the referee is obliged to cancel the game.