13 June 2012

Quote of the day

From The Independent (here):
Gordon Brown certainly hasn't changed. His session with Robert Jay QC revealed that he remains the most incompetent dissembler in Britain, which is one of the less unendearing things about him. Most top-rank politicians master the art of lying imperceptibly, as the glib fluency of George Osborne's testimony suggested. As for another recent witness, a certain Mr Tony Blair would beat the polygraph every time with the knickerless insouciance of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Gordon might well send the needle off the scale and you wouldn't even need the electrodes. The old brute telegraphs his renditions of the facts with such clunking blatancy that they feel less like wilful attempts to deceive than an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
A tragedy, really.  Seldom has a man been so well prepared, with all the intellectual equipment required for the highest office.  And yet, to be brought down by his own personality contradictions and replaced by the political pygmies of the coalition.  Even so, history may be kinder.

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