15 June 2012

Country suppers

You know how a budget that is greeted with high praise on the day of its announcement invariably turns out to be a disaster several days later.  I am beginning to suspect that Cameron's outing at Leveson may follow a similar path.

Friends of Cameron (political friends, that is, rather than his country set) have concluded that he did not leave any smoking gun or silver bullet in his wake.  Maybe so, but he does appear to have forgotten an awful lot of crucial details (see here, for examples); one might have thought that, with time to prepare and every expectation of what was likely to be asked, Cameron would have racked his brains rather more diligently in order to come up with answers.

Secondly, I doubt if he has done himself any favours by his association with his Chipping Norton chums. Are Rebekah and the Murdochs the kind of people he should be having suppers with, let alone borrowing horses from?  Rather infra dig, don't you think?  And if, by the time of the next general election, the general public remember anything at all of the Leveson shebang, it is likely to be Cameron's dalliance with Rebekah.



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