28 June 2012

Would you trust your pennies with this crew?

When I was a lad of about fourteen (some 50 years ago), I managed to secure a Saturday job (in J&R's if you must know).  Accordingly, my father took me to the local bank branch to open a savings account.  He introduced me to Mr Wilson, the branch manager, a man of the utmost probity with the respect of the entire community.  Dad always used to say that Mr Wilson knew more about our family finances than we did, but he said it in a way which suggested trust and admiration rather than concern.

Nowadays, we have a bank which has been fined the sum of £290,000,000 for wrongdoing.  It is run by Diamond Bob and his henchmen, Chris Lucas, Jerry del Missier and Rich Ricci. (Those are apparently their real names.)  Does that sound like a respectable bank to you?  No, me neither.

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