08 June 2012

My quinquennial dip

I gather it's precipitating a bit in the UK - what bliss!  I trust that you are enjoying the gentle rain from heaven ...

Here in Spain, the weather has turned brutal.  The sun beats down, the temparature ascends into the 90s.  So much so that, after doing the messages this morning, I felt obliged to slip into our swimming pool.  This is not something I do as regularly as I should.  But it was v pleasant, with not a child in sight.  In fact, I had the entire pool to myself and thus wallowed in sybaritic splendour.

Then down to the bar where I forced myself to consume Sharon's excellent fish and chips, washed down by a couple of pints of Andalucia's finest.

It's tough, you know, being a lotus-eater.  And now I need a brief siesta, before focusing my attention on the evening's football.


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