21 July 2012

It's a hard life

Don't you feel sorry for those cabinet ministers having to use public transport?  After all, they're not used to mixing with ordinary people and it will come as a shock to the system.  The Telegraph reports:
Ministers have been banned from taking cars and using the so-called Zil lanes, named after the routes formerly reserved for Soviet leaders, which have been established across London for VIPs.
A Government spokeswoman said: "All ministers will be expected to travel to the Games like everybody else. There will be some limited circumstances when this might be waved but as a general rule that is what they have been told."
However, some ministers have been irritated by the order to take the Tube.
One Cabinet minister told The Independent: "This has caused a lot of ill-feeling and frankly some of us would rather not be going to anything at all.
"The rules are unbelievably draconian. We've basically been told we're on our own and have to look after our guests with no official support and we'll have to go by Tube as well. 
Of course most of us don't have any opportunity to take advantage of a chauffeur-driven limo.  But ministers are different - at least, they think they are ...

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