25 July 2012

Something wrong here

Well, well. well, there's a surprise - the bankster bosses want to charge us for current accounts.  The Independent reports:
In a wide-ranging speech, Financial Services Authority chairman Lord Turner called on bank bosses to act as "custodians of institutions of great public interest, as well as custodians of shareholder value".
He warned the end of free current accounts might be needed to drive more competition into the sector and move away from a model where banks sought profit instead from higher-margin products, leading to the mis-selling of payment protection insurance.
So the banks mis-sell products (it used to be known as swindling) to their customers and, in order to stop them, customers are expected to pay more in regular fees?  When I lend money to a bank, I expect them to pay me for that privilege, just as they expect me to pay when they lend me money.  And heaven knows the banks are far from slow to impose extra charges on the slightest excuse.

And I thought that the FSA was supposed to be on the side of the customer ...

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