24 July 2012

Mixing with the wrong sort

So posh Dave invited into his office a man who may turn out to have been a criminal.  Our Dave didna ken, I hear you say.  Aye, but did he ask sufficient questions?   The Leveson Inquiry indicated that there is room for doubt.  The Independent reports:
Issue: How many times did David Cameron seek assurances from Andy Coulson about his past?
What Cameron said: The Prime Minister said he asked the former News of the World editor for assurances about his past before he hired him at a meeting in his office in March 2007. Following reports in July 2009 of widespread phone hacking at the News of the World, "I asked Andy Coulson to repeat the assurances."
What Andy Coulson said: Asked whether Mr Cameron sought further assurances from him in 2009, Mr Coulson replied: "Not that I recall."
Other evidence: In July 2011, Mr Cameron said he had appointed Mr Coulson as his communications director "on the basis of assurances he gave me that he did not know about the phone-hacking and he was not involved in criminality".
Furthermore, posh Dave became involved with a wumman who might also turn out to have been a criminal.  All those country suppers, and then there was Raisa (the horse);  all very messy and more than a bit grubby.  And now that she has been charged with criminal offences, who knows what else may emerge?


Cicero said...

As your blog is a font of fairness Iam sure that you will be the first to acknowledge that Andy, Rebekkah and co are not criminals until they have been duly convicted in a court of law.

Dave said...

Hence all these mays and mights.