12 July 2012

Masters of the universe

Why are so many of the high heid-yins incompetent?  City AM lists some of the latest boo-boos in the private sector:
CORPORATE blunders are like buses: they arrive all at once. The latest involve G4S, which doesn’t know whether it will be able to hire enough guards for the Olympics, forcing the army to step in. The O2 mobile network suffered some outages yesterday. Britvic recalled some of its drinks. All of this follows the Libor price fixing scandal, which has engulfed Barclays and many others; the news that HSBC is about to be hit by a massive fine in the US for not doing enough to comply with money laundering rules; JP Morgan’s major trading loss; and GlaxoSmithkline’s $3bn fine.
Then there are our politicians who are apparently incapable of knitting together a budget that will stand for more than two weeks; a chancellor who makes unfounded accusations instead of doing his job; an administration which deliberately and carefully avoids dealing with the problems of care for the elderly; and a prime minister drifting along the surface without ever bothering to think beyond tomorrow's headlines.  Does he want an EU referendum?  Yes, no, maybe - and don't ask him to formulate a question.

I guess I always knew that The System promoted the incompetents, but it has never been so comprehensively demonstrated as in the last few weeks.


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