27 July 2012

No but yes but maybe

It is a peculiar strategy but it seems to be working.  Every time Vince denies wanting the job of Chancellor, he moves a little closer to achieving it.  The Independent reports:

Vince Cable has denied he is angling for the job of Chancellor as George Osborne's credentials were questioned by two Conservative politicians.
A day after he angered Mr Osborne by saying he would "probably" be a good Chancellor, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary was on his best behaviour yesterday.
"I am not pushing for the job. We are part of a team," Mr Cable said. "We have a collective agreed policy and I am delivering on my bit of it, which centres on the area of industrial strategy. I am not proposing a radically different approach." If he were to be made Chancellor, Mr Cable stressed, "I would be building on what George Osborne has already achieved". He dismissed Labour's criticism that Mr Osborne was a "part-time chancellor" because of his role as a strategist.
Who knows?  Given the doldrums of Slasher Osborne, perhaps Cinders will actually go to the ball.

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