17 July 2012

Old bloggers never die ...

... they just turn up in unfamiliar guises.  Much though I disagree with his political viewpoint, it is comforting to see that Mr Eugenides has found a niche on a rightwing website ThinkScotland.  Here is the most recent example of his incomparable invective:
Recent missteps have shown that Alex Salmond is vulnerable. Conducting an independence referendum that is almost Pythonesque in its level of debate (“but apart from the BBC, pound sterling, Royal Family, Army, Navy, Air Force, UN Security Council seat, two world wars, three hundred years of prosperity, Bob Wilson, and aqueducts, what has Britain done for us?”), contemptuous of critics who demand answers to the most basic of questions about an independent Scotland – who will defend us? what will be the coin of the realm? – the First Minister should by rights be on the ropes at this stage of the political cycle.

The announcement last week of the “Yes” Campaign Board, for instance, was a toe-curlingly eloquent demonstration of the truth that we are stronger together than apart; if the best we as a nation can muster to make the case for “freedom” is Dave Spart-a-like former Trot MSP Colin Fox, Ex Glasgow University rector and occasional bad musician Pat Kane, and Elaine C Smith, the comedienne who is to acting what Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris was to acting, then the Nats should surely be better off applying to be a canton of Switzerland and then signing up en masse for the Dignitas clinic.

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