30 November 2015

Getting a bit iffy?

Doubts are creeping in?  The Times reports:
The defence secretary has conceded that a 70,000-strong force in Syria that must keep the peace after the bombing campaign against Isis is imperfect.
Michael Fallon admitted that the force was “not a new model army, all perfectly drilled and organised”, amid growing questions about its scale and calibre from MPs on all sides of the Commons.
The 70,000 Syrian ground troops revealed by Mr Cameron last Thursday have become crucial for some MPs, amid efforts to shore up support before a vote on bombing Isis in Syria which could come on Wednesday.
There was scepticism from some Tory MPs over the figure. Andrew Percy, the Tory MP for Brigg & Goole, said it was the weakest part of the government’s case for war.
There were also military doubts. General Sir Richard Shirreff, the former Nato deputy supreme allied commander Europe, said the force would not be strong enough and would need western forces alongside it to recapture the terrorist group’s strongholds such as Raqqa.
“It’s not something you are going to achieve with 70,000 so-called Syrian moderates,” he told The Telegraph.

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