11 November 2015

Utter nonsense

For how long do we have to tolerate this kind of rubbish?
Corbyn is expected to be sworn in as a member of the privy council on Wednesday, enabling him to receive confidential security briefings. He has confirmed that he intends to join the body, but has not said whether he will kneel on a footstool or kiss the Queen’s hand as part of the process.
Labour declined to give more details about how Corbyn will conduct the swearing-in ceremony. His choices may never be made public, because meetings of the organisation take place in private.
According to the Royal Encyclopaedia, the protocol is that: “The new privy counsellor or minister will extend his or her right hand, palm upwards, and, taking the Queen’s hand lightly, will kiss it with no more than a touch of the lips.”
Is this a democracy, or what?


crantara said...

At least its no' her erse.

W Bagshot said...

If Corbyn is not prepared to abide by protocol he should never have stood as leader.