08 November 2015

Supermarket queuing

How to choose the till that will get you out the door fastest?  The Sunday Times ponders:
... scientists have worked out an answer to perhaps the most crucial question of all: how do you choose the queue that will move fastest? Simple: choose the one with the most men in it.
This is because women are more patient than men, who are more likely to just give up if the queue is moving too slowly.
According to researchers at Surrey University: “Men were more likely to dislike waits than women and be less accepting of their inevitability.”
But then again, it does not pay to overcomplicate it. When Dan Meyer of Desmos, a US-based online maths business, analysed the till receipts at his local supermarket he discovered that each person in line adds at least 41 seconds to your waiting time, regardless of how many items they have, because of the time taken to unload, pack and pay. His advice: just choose the line with the fewest people in it.
My advice (which is both sexist and ageist)?  Avoid the queue populated by old women - it takes them so damn long to open their handbags, then find their purse, then count out the pennies ...


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Anonymous said...

The one with a till operator who is female in her mid 20's. Men are painfully slow, and older women gossip.