06 February 2016

A result to cherish

Scotland rugby teams have had a fairly lean time of it in recent years, especially against the auld enemy.  So last night's match at Cumbernauld by the Under 20s against their English counterparts was something to savour.

As ever, the English lads were bigger and heavier than the Scots and they duly dominated the set-pieces.  But the Scots tackled like demons.  Even so it was surprising that the Scots picked up a couple of tries in the first half against two penalties for the English, turning around at 12-6 for the home side.

In the second half, English domination of the scrums intensified and wave after wave of white attacks were stoutly resisted by the boys in blue. Nevertheless, a brace of forays into the English 25 led to two more opportunist tries for the Scots, doubling their score to 24 points and leaving the English to reflect on their utter failure to convert possession and territory into points.

The future's bright and it's Scottish blue!


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