06 February 2016

Americans are crazy

The Times reports:
It is the rock-star vegetable of the moment, the brassica with brass, the unsung flower that flowered: cauliflower has hit the big time.
Demand fuelled by low-carb diet fads and supply problems arising from a cold snap in California and Arizona have driven prices in America for the humble vegetable to the absurd peaks usually reserved for exotic foods.
Shoppers have reported paying up to $8 a head — three times higher than normal. Mellissa Sevigny, a low-carb blogger in New York state, wrote a furious “break-up” letter to cauliflower. “You have turned into a real diva,” she complained after being charged $6.99 for “the tiniest, most anaemic head of cauliflower I had ever seen”. She added: “Someone needs to tell you to get over yourself and I love you enough to be that person.”
When will they discover the swede?


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