10 February 2016

Financial armageddon?

FTSE-100 over the past month

For those worried about the ongoing crash in share prices, The Independent takes a balanced approach:
At a time like this, it is probably most helpful to take a long perspective, and by coincidence the annual study by Credit Suisse Asset Management of markets going back to 1900 is just out. It looks at the three great financial crises of capitalism, the 1890s, the 1930s, and from 2008 onwards. The dip in the economy after the most recent one was not nearly as serious as the others, but the bounce-back has been somewhat slower. But what is fascinating is that, eventually, US share prices recovered in all three periods, with the present experience somewhere between the not-too-bad recovery after 1890 and the more hesitant one in the 1930s. Moral: that share prices eventually bounce back, provided you wait long enough for them to do so.
Me, I look upon it as a buying opportunity ...

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