12 January 2009

I'm not getting paid for this - honest

As someone who disapproves of Rupert Murdoch, I have taken the regrettable step of signing up to the Sky Player. This means that, for the princely sum of £34 per month, I can watch live on my computer Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and Xtra. In a time when we are all pulling in our financial horns, you may well consider this an extravagance - and I would not disagree. But hey - I can probably afford it.

I reside in a flat in central Edinburgh whose protected status disinclines me to favour the erection of a Sky dish (even although I keep reading about how planning rules are soon to be relaxed). Like other residents, however, I have no particular wish to see my urban landscape disfigured. Accordingly, securing the programmes in which I am interested via computer broadband is a welcome prospect. (Cable is a non-starter as they have yet to find a way of getting it into the building without pulling the place apart - which would definitely upset the New Town conservationists.)

The sign-up procedure is relatively straightforward. The picture on the screen is reasonably good - at least comparable with the BBC i-player - though much depends upon the quality of your local broadband.

Yesterday, I watched the Hibs-Hearts match (yeugghh) and the Man U-Chelsea match (splendid), as well as on Saturday the Northampton-Leicester rugby match. I look forward to the Ashes series and the Lions tour.

My only concern is where I will find the time for all this viewing.


friday13th said...

I initially had gripes with Sky Player too, as it didn't work on my computer however the new release and the Live TV service has really shown its stuff...

I will still be watching football down the local pub though!

Iain D said...

Surely the best place for watching football is at the match itself.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Edinburgh derby yesterday... though that probably has a lot to do with which end of the ground I was sitting in!