26 January 2009

Our noble Friends

It is not against the rules for members of the House of Lords to accept remuneration for the provision of consultancy/advice to domestic or foreign businessmen - although perhaps it should be.

Nor do I see an allegation that any of the four alleged miscreants offered to table a legislative amendment (as opposed to arranging for an amendment to be tabled). A fine distinction, perhaps, but nevertheless.

Thirdly, none of the discussions appears to have progressed beyond preliminary assessments of what might be possible. No agreements were finalised, no money appears to have changed hands and there is presumably nothing in writing.

That being so, and disappointing as it may be to those of us who care about the morality (or lack of it) in the Mother of Parliaments, I fail to detect a smoking gun. And I can't see that the various promised investigations will lead anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

I see that John Humphreys was calling it a scandal on BBC. Since the BBC has been flaunting its must lauded objectivity recently, I am surorised HW that you are not joining the herd in a rush to judgement and premature conviction before any clear facts emerge.