12 January 2009

Maybe Yvette has a point ...

Oh puh-lease! Would you really trust this Scottish government (or the previous one) to behave responsibly if they were given borrowing powers? Is £33 billion a year not enough for them? Can you not see the temptations which would lie in wait for Scottish Ministers? Mr Swinney seems a fairly sensible chap but, once Mr Salmon gets his pudgy hands on the Scottish Government credit card, we are bound to end up in queer street. And I don't think Messrs McConnell and Gray (or indeed Ms Alexander) would be any more trustworthy.

And yes, I know that local councils have power to borrow but their capital expenditure is strictly controlled (ironically by the Scottish Government). Even from Mr Salmond's point of view, there would be no advantage in having borrowing powers if they are strictly controlled on the capital expenditure side.

1 comment:

Indy said...

Whereas we can trust Westminster completely because they are so sensible?

Or are you against any government having borrowing powers?