28 January 2009

Was that all?

Is that it then? The Scottish budget is voted down. I watched it on Holyrood TV.

But nobody seemed terribly fussed. Mr Swinney promised that there would be another budget along in a moment.

It would seem to be fairly serious that the government has failed to secure its budget. But the sky has not fallen in. No sign of a confidence vote. So do things just go on as per usual?

Thus what was meant to be a climactic firework display has become a rather damp squib. No doubt the pundits will explain it all later.


subrosa said...

Didn't labour ask for the procedures for a confidence vote? Typical dirty tricks of course.

Who the hell would want Mr Invisible (Ian Gray) for FM? Only numpties.

Patrick whatsit of the Greens should feel ashamed. If he can't cope with the cut and thrust of politics then get out. He at least was offered 33% of what he wanted and his bluddy policy wouldn't help the likes of me - a pensioner who lives in an 1840s built house and needs internal insulation. Just because I don't claim benefits because I have over 16,000 in savings, I get bugger all.

Patrick, wakey wakey. You're not the star today, you're the idiot.

Green_Anorak said...

Actually, the Greens proposals would have benefited you: that's the whole point. It's an area-based scheme which installs insulation and micro-renewables regardless of need, completely unlike all the other existing schemes. Actually the £100m would not even have been enough to deliver the Scottish Government's existing statutory requirements on ending fuel poverty, so they weren't particularly radical...

Anonymous said...

Typical! You wait ages for a budget, and then two come along at once.

Anonymous said...

I think there are signs of a confidence vote, and that will come when the Bill is re-presented. This is likely to happen soon and if it fails again, Salmond will resign his Govt and leave it to others to seek the election of an FM. Failing that, there will be a Parliamentary election. Could get quite interesting.