26 January 2009

It makes a change from the usual burglaries

Ms Grahame obviously has more faith in Lothian & Borders' finest than I do. The BBC reports:
Nationalist MSP Christine Grahame has asked Lothian and Borders Police to investigate RBS.
The bank, now under nearly 70% ownership by the UK Government, recently revealed it was expected to report a deficit before write-downs of between £7bn and £8bn for 2008.
Ms Grahame, a South of Scotland MSP, argued the state of the bank's finances should have known at the time it made a £12bn rights issue last April.

Somewhere in the depths of its Fettes HQ, some poor Mr Plod is studying all the paperwork associated with the rights issue. Never mind that this paperwork is routinely crawled over by batteries of expensive lawyers in order to ensure that it complies with stock exchange rules - we are talking £12 billion here. And, OK, this rights issue stuff can be complicated - we are talking massive volumes of paper. Admittedly, the experts in the form of the FSA have a rather doubtful record in terms of brining anyone to book for financial misdemeanours. And, even though the local rozzers are less than experienced in matters of high finance, Ms Grahame must think that they can get a result.

Still, there should some overtime in it.


subrosa said...

Oh you are a cynic HW. Then again, so am I.

sm753 said...

"Ms Grahame must think that they can get a result."


Ms "Dingbat" Grahame must think she can get a cheap headline out of it.

At least this one is marginally less barmy than some of her other wheezes, i.e. AC/DC and Mary's corpse.

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