17 February 2010

Gatto in umido a la toscana

Pussy lovers beware. The Italians are after your cats:
As his fellow-presenter, Elisa Isoardi, looked on aghast, the 77-year-old Bigazzi told viewers that, far from being a last resort in times of near-famine, gatto in umido was "one of the great dishes of the Valdarno [in Tuscany]".
The secret, he disclosed, was to leave the cat in a fast-running stream for three days. "What comes out is a delicacy", he enthused. "Many a time I've eaten its white meat."
Isoardi, herself a cat owner, tried to interrupt, but to no avail. Cat in a thick sauce was "better than chicken, rabbit or pigeon", he said.
And no, I don't know where to find the recipe ...


Delia said...

Perhaps this recipe for pesce gatto in umido may be more to your taste

Anonymous said...

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