26 February 2010

Techie stuff

I grow tired of this. The Independent reports:
Virgin Media yesterday outlined plans to bring superfast broadband speeds of 100Mb to 12.6 million UK homes by the end of next year. The move was backed by both Labour and the Conservatives in what has become a hotly contested political issue in the run-up to the general election.

They can plan as much as they like, but I'm not going to get anywhere near 100Mb through the copper wires that constitute the telephone line that leads up to my top flat.

Nor is it simply a question of replacing the wire with fibre optic cable. It is some ten years ago that the cable tv companies installed cable in the street below. But as I live in a conservation area, they have yet to discover the means of replacing the copper wire with fibre optics without tearing the stair apart. The last time I enquired, they had no plans to do so.

So I am stuck with relatively slow broadband. Too bad, but I still wouldn't live anywhere else.

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