27 February 2010

Quote of the day

Lucy tells it like it was:

OMG! Right, so this bloke wrote this book saying that the prime minister like totally dissed his mate Alistair who's supposed to like look after all the country's money, yeah? And then Alistair said that this was, like, totally true. And it was because the prime minister wanted everyone to be all, like, "Oh, everything's brilliant, couldn't be better, I'm really happy and so is everyone else!, yeah?" But then Alistair went and told this newspaper that actually Britain's economy was, like, well bad, you know and the PM just went totally mental and everything and tried to take his job off him and give it to his other friend but Alistair was like, you just try it and I'll totally walk away from everything so he let him stay. So now Alistair thinks he can just say whatever he likes.

I think it is all well stupid.


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