12 February 2010

The judgement call

It's a shame really. Unlike real people, politicians simply cannot admit that they have made a mistake, accept a rap on the knuckles and then request that we all move on. For if you concede that you erred, you would have to resign, and then it's cheerio to the Ministerial limo and all the trappings of office.

Mind you, what was the otherwise saintly Nicola thinking of? She was doing so well - my spies in the health department tell me she was one of the more sensible ministers (whereas some of them are completely off the wall) = and would have been unchallengeable as Eck's successor when the country grew tired of the latter's bluster and bombast. To lose it all for a petty fraudster seems such an ignoble outcome.


Indy said...

Who decides that you have made a mistake though?

The press?

I don't remember anyone electing them, nor are they accountable to anyone.

I would be wary therefore about allowing them to decide what is right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is going to rebound big style on Iain Gray.

Despite all the protestations the only thing in the code of conduct that would have resonably prevented Ms Sturgeon from acting in the way she did is if it was 'inappropriate' to do so.

And there is the rub. Unless you have complete knowledge of the facts of the case you cannot possibly make that judgement.

And, given the client confidentiality that exists between an MSP and their constituent, nobody other than Ms Sturgeon and her constituent can possibly have that knowledge.

Mr Gray should prepare himself for a very large slice of humble pie and he should probably start thinking about the implications of using another MSPs casework to attack a government minister.

What about due legal process and the rights of Ms Sturgeon's constituent?

These matters are clearly secondary to Iain Gray in his bloodlust for advantage over the SNP.

In my view, he is the one that has acted unethically and, in this case, his actions must put him very close to being in contempt of court.