25 February 2010

The non-denial denial

At question time yesterday, in answer to Cameron's probing on "the forces from hell", and continuing the line he has taken since the story broke, the Prime Minister said:
"I never instructed a briefing against the Chancellor."

But what if one of his attack dogs asked if he could give the Chancellor a kicking and the Prime Minister did not demur. Is that "instructing a briefing"? Probably not.

Or suppose the Prime Minister said in the presence of his afore-mentioned attack dogs that someone should take the Chancellor down a peg or two. Is that "instructing a briefing"? Probably not.

Cameron was obviously conscious of these distinctions, asking at one point:
Will the Prime Minister get to his feet and tell us that he knew absolutely nothing about the briefing against his Chancellor?
but, typically, he failed to press his attack home.

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