05 March 2010

Fairness for all?

MPs to get 1.5% pay rise.

Hey, 1.5% is no big deal. A measly extra £1000 a year. And it's the least we deserve after all. It's not all jolly trips abroad, you know. Apart from our duties in the House, we are at the beck and call of constituents. So apart from the usual skiing week in February and the three weeks in the West Indies in August, it's work, work, work.

And don't tell me about how other public servants will get less or even nothing at all. These are little people motivated solely by envy and, anyway, who cares what a teaching assistant or a dinner lady might think or, even less, what they might receive by way of remuneration. The yobbos of Unison and Unite will complain - let them.

You have to understand: MPs are special; we are different; the rules don't apply to us.

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